Ceramic Bird Feeders

Choosing ceramic bird feeders will add originality and class to your backyard.

Unique bird feeders made by local potters or by yourself will be a treat for wild birds and human visitors. We have chosen our best handmade, natural stoneware backyard feeders.

Ceramic Bird Feeder Tips

  • Pottery feeders are great for areas where it gets really cold and snowy in winter. Glass and plastic bird feeders deteriorate in the cold temperatures, ceramic feeders don't.

  • Hang your ceramic feeder in a spot where the wind won't blow it against a branch or window - you don't want it to get damaged.

  • Since most pottery bird feeders are not see-through, you will have tocheck the level of the seed regularly. Be aware of the eating habits of your local birds and how much they are consuming, and keep friends with them by making sure they always have food.

  • Keep your pottery feeders clean, as you would with any bird feeder.

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