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Glass bird feeders, stained glass bird feeders, glass humming bird feeders to add whimsy and elegance to your garden and attract more wild birds. We review the best products and share tips with you.

glass bird feeders

You want to introduce a bird feeder that is different from the standard platform feeder or tube bird feeder?

Why not try a glass feeder?

They are more elegant, more stylish and make a statement in your garden. And they seem to attract more humming birds than plastic feeders. Maybe it is because they are more transparent and shiny, or maybe it is because they are more colourful. Whatever the reason, both you and your wild birds will love having a gorgeous, shiny feeder in your backyard.

Glass Bird Feeder Tips

  • Glass feeders need to be cleaned more often. So only fill with enough food to last a few days to avoid waste.
  • These feeders can be easily cleaned with a few drops of strong bleach. But please be sure to rinse thoroughly!
  • It makes sense to have 2 glass bird feeders so that you can rotate when cleaning.
  • You do not need to use commercial hummingbird mix. I have used a 4 cups water to 1 cup sugar mixture for years and the birds love it!
  • Check to see that the container is airtight and that the nectar doesn't drip from the feeding tube. I find that there is always some leakage.

  • Look out for glass feeders made from recycled glass - helps the environment and that helps the wild birds.

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