Pole Bird Feeders

Pole bird feeders are a great addition to any bird lovers garden!

As much as I love all wild life, I get tired of my feathered friends taking a back  seat to squirrels and deer and other bigger and tougher garden visitors.

Pole Bird Feeder Tips

I have found that using the right pole mounted bird feeder pretty much solves the problem.

  • You have to be sure that your pole feeder is squirrel proof. Using bird feeder pole baffles make sure that those agile critters just cannot get to the bird feeder.

  • Place your pole away from tree branches or other spots from where squirrels can jump onto your feeder.

  • Choose poles made from durable, weather-treated material.

  • You may have to reinforce your pole mounted bird feeder if you live in a very windy area.

My Best Pole Bird Feeders

More  Bird Feeders Poles

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