Unique Bird Feeders

Unique bird feeders will delight you and your wild birds. Gazebo bird feeders, humming bird feeders, metal bird feeders and more best backyard bird feeders tips.

Feeding birds in your garden can be as exciting as you want to make it! Choosing unique bird feeders to put in strategic spots make your garden a pretty picture for you and your friends. And the birds will reward you with repeat visits!

What I love about the range of different feeders available, is that you can really get creative about making your garden an extension of your own style. Almost any unique feature can be used in some way as a feeder.

And it does not need to be expensive!

Indulge your passion as a wild bird spotter and just have fun!

Spread the Fun and share your unique bird feeder tips with all of us!

The exciting thing is that, with a bit of knowledge, you can attract different kinds of birds to share your backyard with you.

Unique Bird Feeders Tips

  • Attracting particular birds and keeping them coming back to your backyard will be determined by where you live, and the time of year.
  • A good idea is to start with a wooden platform above ground level.
  • Experiment with different bird seed and pieces of fruit.
unique bird feeders
  • Observe which birds are in the neighbourhood before you spend money on a unique bird feeder. No point in buying a feeder that only holds peanuts if your visitors are mostly small birds. I find that a general purpose feeder will keep most common garden birds happy throughout the year.
  • Choose a spot that is easy to get to. When the weather is bad and birds need feeding the most, you just may not feel like wading through mud to fill a feeder that is not in a convenient spot. Also, pick a spot where dropped seed shells and bird droppings won’t be a problem to clean up.
  • If you have squirrels in your neighborhood, they will visit your feeder. Don't hang anything from a tree branch if you don't want to feed the squirrels. A squirrel-proof feeder or a feeder on a pole with a baffle is the best solution.
humming bird
  • What about a fun bird feeder for hummingbirds? The most popular hummingbird feeder is flower shaped, red or pink colored and usually plastic. I enjoy viewing hummingbirds at a window bird feeder.
  • Long-lasting and sturdy metal bird feeders are always a good addition and make great gifts.

My BEST Unique Bird Feeders

I had a really hard time choosing just 2 "best" feeders - so have given you more choice than usual. I hope you find one that you just have to have in your garden!

More Unique Bird Feeders

Helping You Make a Wild Bird Heaven in Your Own Backyard

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