Hopper Bird Feeders

Hopper Bird Feeders are a 'must' in any wild bird lovers garden. These feeders come in a variety of styles - from simple basic feeders to elaborately decorative models.

A hopper feeder is great to use in your main bird feeding area. Many species can easily eat from a hopper and it will attract several different seed-eating songbirds to your backyard.

Hopper feeders are easy to fill, and need filling less often.

You can choose a freestanding feeder which can be attached to a pole or a style that can be hung from hooks or branches.

hopper bird feeders

Hopper Bird Feeder Tips

  • Choose one that can hold different sizes of seeds.
  • Check for easy access to the reservoir for refilling.
  • It should have multiple perches for the birds for feeding and waiting.
  • Clear seed reservoirs are easier for birds to see the food and so that you can check refilling.
  • Look for a hopper feeder that is made from recycled plastic - ensuring a better environment for your wild garden birds!

My Best Hopper Bird Feeders

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