Solar Powered Bird Baths

Solar powered bird baths usually combine a traditional style bird bath with a fountain powered by the rays of the sun as opposed to electricity or battery.

I do like the idea of a beautiful bird bath with the added luxury of a spray of water adding a splash for the birds and the sound of water for me.

And powering your bird fountain with a solar source means less running cost for you, and a greener source of energy.

How Do Solar Powered Bird Baths Work

Power is supplied to the bird bath by a  small solar cell or panel. The water is pumped through a central reservoir and circulated through the fountain. As long as the sun shines, your fountain will run continuously.

Kinds of Solar  Bird Baths

Many different kinds of solar baths are available, but the most popular are

  • Single bowls with a fountain or spray
  • Two tiered bowls with a central fountain
  • Multi-tiered fountain or waterfall designs combined with other garden ornaments

Baths can be made of plastic, metal, ceramic or resin. Ground bird baths and pedestal bird baths can be used as solar powered bird baths. pedestals work better as the added height keeps the the solar cell clear of leaves and other debris that could keep the sun off it.

The solar cell can be mounted directly in the water basin or as an external cell which allows the cell to be placed a short distance from the bath.

Solar Powered Bird Bath Tips

  • Make sure it is placed in full sunshine.

  • Not suitable for use in winter.

  • Be careful when cleaning the cell as it can be delicate.

  • Be sure to keep the cell clean so that it can absorb as much sunlight as possible.

  • Make sure the fountain does not run dry as this can damage the pump.

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My Best Solar Powered Bird Baths

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