Best Humming Bird Feeder

Choosing the best humming bird feeder gives me hours and hours of huge enjoyment while I watch wild birds in my garden.

On this page you will find humming bird feeder facts to enhance your understanding of these gorgeous birds, humming bird feeder recipes and my best humming bird feeders.

Not only do humming birds enjoy the humming bird nectar recipe that I use, also sparrows, weavers, bulbuls, cape white eyes and mouse birds fight for a place on my humming bird feeder.

If you have not tried to feed humming birds in your backyard before, you are in for a treat! These little creatures provide hours of entertainment for any bird lover.

Tips for Feeding Hummingbirds

  • Make sure that you include plants for hummingbirds in your garden. Having flowers that attract hummingbirds to your garden will help them to find your feeders... All adds up to more hours of enjoyment for you! A great way to use flowers for attracting Hummingbirds is to plant them in hanging baskets. Try red Petunias and red Fuchsias in your baskets, they grow easily and make a nice show. Place the baskets where you can easily see them. Include pots around your porch and windows to bring these little wild birds close to your windows. Also makes it easy to replant when necessary.

  • Hummingbirds (and most other garden birds) love water. Hummingbirds prefer moving water such as sprinklers, fountains and drippers. Give them a spray and watch them fly through the water to cool off. keep the water sources fresh and clean, and position the water near your hummingbird flowers to make it even more attractive to hummingbirds. I have seen these little birds swish around in the water left behind on big leaves in my garden after watering. They do seem to prefer to flutter under a shower, rather get into a pool for a proper bath.

  • Spider webs are a big favourite with hummingbirds. They will see the spiders in your garden before you do. They eat insects from the spider webs and use spider silk for building their nests. So don't use insecticide in your garden! It is bad for the hummers, bad for the soil, bad for other birds! Try other methods for controlling garden pests.

My Best Humming Bird Feeder

More Hummingbird Feeders

More Fun Hummingbird Facts

  • Hummingbird Books to make your hummingbird watching even more interesting.
  • Follow my hummingbird food recipe for a simple nectar. Also filled with useful tips on cleaning hummingbird feeders.
  • Plant a hummingbird-friendly garden with plants for hummingbirds. You will make the hummers happy and have a gorgeous garden. Plants that attract hummingbirds will also help the birds to find your best humming bird feeder in your garden.
  • Humming Bird Information contains lots of facts about these lovely little birds. See how much you know!

Helping You Make a Wild Bird Heaven in Your Own Backyard

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