Solar Powered Bird Feeder

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The idea behind a solar bird feeder is purely decorative. The actual feeder can be any traditional feeder such as a platform feeder, or even a small pedestal that also incorporates a bird bath. But solar powered feeders have a small light, usually an LED light, that provides some type lighting in your garden. I love the fact that my feathered friends get fed during the day and my garden has a facelift as soon as the sun goes down.

The way it works is that these feeders have solar panels that spend the daylight hours charging the batteries on the unit, and at night the batteries run the landscape lights.

Solar birdfeeders are a fun way to add tech to your outdoor space! Not sure what the birds think about it but it does not seem to have put them off the food!

solar powered bird feeders

Solar Powered Bird Feeder Tips

  • Keep the solar panels clean. If the panels are full of dirt and bird droppings, the sun can't power them up and it won't work very well.
  • Position carefully. Mount it in an area where the solar cells get direct sunlight for several hours each day. Also be sure to place the solar bird feeder where you can see it from your porch or window. Remember to mount it high enough for the safety of the birds but low enough for you to reach comfortably.
  • Quality does count! When deciding which feeder to buy, look at the rating of the battery; rather buy a feeder with a high rating battery than a low one. Also remember that rechargeable batteries don't last forever, so if you can find one that has replaceable batteries, you can extend the life of the feeder.

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