Gazebo Bird Feeders

Add a touch of style with gazebo bird feeders. Gazebo feeders come in a variety of styles and are not expensive.

Most backyard bird watchers have at least one of these feeders in their garden.

Basically, a gazebo feeder is a bird feeder shaped like a gazebo. It is a combination of a hopper feeder and a platform bird feeder. The platform forms the base of a central seed container and the seed container can be filled through a hole in the roof.

Northern Cardinal

Gazebo Bird Feeders Tips

  • You can be use almost any type of wild bird seed including black-oil sunflower seed, safflower seed and most wild bird seed blends.

  • I recommend filling it outside where you are going to hang it, because it can be to messy fill. And the bigger wild birds will enjoy the spilled seed.

  • Make sure the twine or other hanger material is strong enough to hold the weight of the seed.

  • Clean your empty gazebo feeder at least once a week to prevent seed from going sour or mouldy.

  • Monitor how quickly the birds empty this feeder. Then fill accordingly.

My Best Gazebo Bird Feeders

More Gazebo Style Bird Feeders

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