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Our choice of metal bird feeders, unique bird feeders and other best backyard bird feeders that will delight you and your wild garden birds.

I love beautiful polished copper bird feeders which are bright and shiny to start off with, but age beautifully over time to a soft green color.

copper bird feeder

Copper, and other bird feeders made of metal, are a unique addition to both your back or front yard, and they will attract birds to have a snack while you can enjoy their company. 

Metal Bird Feeder Tips

  • When you buy a metal bird feeder, make sure that you are getting real metal and not a metal finish or plastic coated with a metal colour.

  • Choose a size that suits your needs - a smaller feeder is better for smaller birds, but choose a bigger capacity if you have many feathered visitors.

  • Check to see if the hanger or pole is included in the package. If not, you may need to purchase a hanger of your choice.

  • As with all backyard bird feeders, make sure you clean regularly.

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