Window Bird Feeders

Window bird feeders and more unique bird feeders to make your wild bird watching fun in any weather.

Enjoy the thrill of seeing garden birds and humming birds right up close.

Window sill bird feeders work well at any time of year but you will enjoy this feeder particularly during bad weather.

window bird feeders for hummingbirds

Window Bird Feeder Tips

  • Make extra sure that the window, and the sucker, are clean before attaching. Any grease or dirt will cause the feeder to fall off the window.
  • When using a window feeder that fits into the window, use a window away from the weather side of the house. You cannot completely seal the gap and rainwater may leak in.
  • Choose a good quality feeder with strong suction cups.
  • Keep your feeder clean to avoid bacteria.

My Best Window Bird Feeders

More Window Bird Feeders

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